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Houdini Carini

New from L O Annie Press


Monsieur Pierre

Winner - Beverly Hills Book Awards, CIPA Merit Award



Author / Illustrator Anne Zadek

Meet Houdini Carini, girl magician. Houdini just wants to be a “magnificent magician” but everything seems to keep going wrong. Houdini’s faulty tricks upset the entire town until she finally learns the secret to great magic. A humorous picture book for ages 3 – 5. Bonus content includes illustrated instructions for a real trick beginning magicians can do.

"Houdini Carini is a charming picture book with a matter-of-fact, lucid reminder that mastery takes time" -  Foreward Clarion Reviews

"A clever, vividly illustrated book about learning from mistakes" - Kirkus Review

"Houdini Carini imparts lessons crucial to success in any venture, and does it in a way that young readers will find natural and fun." -Blue Ink Review

"Readers will find this delightful read striking and fun." - The Us Review of Books


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