About L O Annie Press

L O  Annie Press is an independent children’s picture book publisher located in southern California.  The company namesake was an orphaned, curly haired mutt called “Little Orphan Annie” or “Annie” for short.  Annie was a sweet-tempered, loving, loyal creature.  Although she is gone, her legacy lives on in our mission: to generate love and connection, one book at a time.


Purchase our books

How to Buy for Individual Customers:  our books are available from Amazon.com or by special order at your local bookstore.

For Retail and Wholesale Accounts: our books are distributed in the U.S. by Ingram.

For Marine Education or Research Programs, Children's Museums or Children’s Literacy Programs: special wholesale terms are available directly from L O Annie Press for U. S. institutions supporting marine education or research, children’s museums or nonprofit programs promoting children’s literacy in the U. S. Please contact us directly at info@LOAnniePress.com for details.


Thank you for your interest in L O Annie Press. We are not accepting submissions at this time.


To request permission to reprint copyrighted material or inquire about subsidiary or translation rights, please contact us at info@LOAnniePress.com