Turning the Camera on……US!

An octopus with a camera?!?!  In last week’s post, I mentioned one of my favorite documentary videos about octopuses.  While there are many good videos available online depicting just how truly amazing octopuses are the videos I referenced all had one thing in common. They were all made by humans studying octopuses.  What fun to discover that sometimes octopuses turn the cameras on us!  

Check out Rambo, an Australian “octographer” (that’s an octopus photographer) who used a camera to photograph humans looking at her aquarium: 

Rambo was not alone. She may have heard about the GoPro photos taken of a cephalopod researcher by one of his octopus subjects at Middlebury College in Vermont.

I salute octopus shutterbugs!

Rambo’s octographs

Inspiring photographs from fStoppers around the world

Octopus fans

- Anne

Anne Dana