Stromboli Octopus

“Stromboli octopus” sounds like a dish one might find in an Italian restaurant. Actually, it’s one of my favorite videos about octopuses (or “octopi” if you prefer). Doesn’t everyone have a favorite octopus video? 

When writing Monsieur Pierre, my children’s book about a little French octopus, I listened to and watched many videos and podscasts about octopuses. Although Monsieur Pierre does not reflect the real life of cephalopods, I was inspired and became fascinated by the research being done to learn more about these amazing creatures. 

“Under the Octopus Volcano,” a 2007 television documentary, follows researchers in the waters off the island of Stromboli, Italy as they learn how a large population of octopuses thrive in waters beneath one of the world’s most active volcanoes.  They learned that octopuses have “super powers!”  They can hear very low sound frequencies emitted by impending eruptions.  No humans have this ability. The octopuses flee the area, wait until the eruption is over, then move back in to dine on the dead crustaceans and other sea life left in the eruptions wake. 

Have I piqued your interest in volcanoes?  Pierre’s Facebook friends living in the waters beneath Stromboli “like” this volcano tracking site

Still working on your list of favorite octopus videos?  Pierre especially enjoys this list from Katherine Harmon Courage, “Eight Great Octopus Videos.” Katherine is the author of Octopus, a well-reviewed, nonfiction book about “the most mysterious creature in the sea.”  You can follow her here.

- Anne


Anne Dana